Get Paid Cash To Play Games

Available Worldwide!

You could start to earn cash right now by helping game companies and marketing researchers test new games online.  Earn a living or a second income simply by playing games online and giving feedback.   Make as much as $100 an hour!

Hundreds of companies around the world will pay you to test their newest games online. In addition marketing companies will pay you to play games and view advertisements while you play.

These companies have the incentive to pay you because you help them make money.  They make money off your opinions and in turn they will pay you for your time.

Other companies will pay you to play games and view ads because by showing you ads they make money from national companies like Proctor & Gamble, Bank One, & Coke. How they get you to view these ads is by paying you for your time and by providing an interesting game for you.

There is no limit to how much you can make, no limit to how many games you can play.  You are only limited by your personal preferences of games you like to play.  You income is only limited to the amount of time and effort you put into playing the games you play for cash.  Some companies will pay you for the amount of time you play (by the hour). Others will pay you every time you play a certain game or a level of a game. 

You are paid directly by the company where you play a particular game. They will record you payment information on a weekly or monthly basis and then pay you by check or via PayPal.

Some companies will pay you every week and some will pay you monthly. It all depends on the company. We encourage you look at every company's payment policy.

US citizens are considered independent contactors  and no tax will be withheld from your earnings.

At the end of the year the companies will send you a 1099 and report your income to the IRS. You are required to report this income on your personal taxes when filing.

If you are not a citizen of the US then please consult a local tax attorney or accountant for specific information.


This offer is valid worldwide.  There are no hidden fees at all.

No special computer skills or knowledge required.  If you can navigate around the internet and read emails, then you qualify.

Play whenever you want.  Set your own hours.  Work night or day.  It's completely flexible.  You are your own boss.

Your name will never be sold to another company or used to send you tons of junk emails.  Every company you play games at will have its own privacy policy. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of each company where you will play games. If you have any concerns please contact the company directly.


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