Thousands of opportunities + companies
              needing TV viewing reps.

Great income for  men, women, college students, stay at home moms... anyone can work as a paid TV viewer


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Did you know you can turn your
TV into an overflowing cashbox?....

• work full or part time
    • still be a stay at home parent
    • pick and choose what assignments you want
    • be any age (over 17) - even retired

So why do they pay me for such easy work?
Because these companies need people who are willing to watch TV,  in order to obtain accurate monitoring data of the viewing habits of the American Public.   Then these results are published quarterly and made available to TV networks, producers, and advertisers. 

There's a huge amount of competition n the broadcasting business.  Networks, Producers and Advertisers need to do something to successfully grab the attention of their audience.  It's a tricky and constantly changing business; trying to stand out in the crowd.  And their very existence depends on it.  So, at last, Producers, Networks and Advertisers are ready to pay  whatever it takes, to make sure they get viewers attention.  That is very good news for you, if you happen to like watching TV, because now you can actually get paid to be a TV Viewing Rep to review their work.

Getting paid to be a TV Viewing Rep is as simple as changing your channels.


Are You Too Busy Earning A Living To Make Money?

Even if you work during the day you, can always take assignments and work nights or just weekends as a TV Viewing Rep!!

Work as much or as little as you want!  You are never obligated to take any assignment.  You can pick and choose what is good for you.


Some assignments include viewing TV infomercials, home shopping shows, and ads.   No experience is needed and instructions and contacts are provided. 

Work At Home,  The Average TV Viewing Rep Earns Between $12 and $41 An Hour.  But many assignments pay more. 

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"Do You Also Want the Opportunity to
Earn Instant Cash Simply By Referring  Others
To  This Program?"


Then keep reading and you will learn how ...

Of course, you'll make an outstanding income simply as a TV Viewing Rep.  But, we're also  offering you an amazing opportunity to make instant cash through our referral rights program.  With referral rights, whenever someone you referred becomes a TV Viewing Rep, you are paid instant ongoing monthly income in cash, just for helping them join our program.  This is automatic ongoing monthly recurring income for you which builds amazingly fast.  We do the work, you simply send the website referrals, and make a generous monthly income.  Take a look...

Every payment your referral site collects is automatically and instantly deposited into your bank account.  That means NO WAITING FOR PAYCHECKS!  The chart below will show calculated monthly earnings on sales.  As with any business, your earnings are directly related to your own efforts, and guaranteed income is not implied. You may make more or less than the figures below.  These figures are mere estimates.

Let's assume you refer the average of the industry, 5 people every day.  Your cash income will be:

Just 5 Referrals per Day Your Monthly Cash Income Estimate
1st month $2,992.50
2nd month $5,985.00
3rd month $8,977.50
4th month $11,970.00
5th month $14,962.50
6th month $17,955.00

Think about it, that would be over $233,415.00 A YEAR with just 5 referrals per day!

As you can tell the profit potential is high when you refer others to this program.  But even if you only referred half of what the above chart shows, that would still be an extra $116,707.00 a year! Want a new home, a car or great family vacation? It can be within your reach very soon!

Getting Referrals Is Easy

All you need to do is:
1. Promote Your  Site 
2. Watch Your Money Grow!

That's it! If you can do these 2 simple things, you WILL Make Money!   And we'll even help you promote your site for you, absolutely free!.  We'll send you 1,000 guaranteed visitors this month to your new referral website.  These are real people, quality consumers, looking for what you have to offer.  We'll even give you reliable 3rd party tracking so you can monitor the traffic we send you. 

Here is everything that comes with the referral rights package:

Full Access The DreamJobsAtHome.com TV Viewing Rep Members Area Which Includes complete instructions for getting started.
Professionally designed graphics (we host the graphics for you so you never need to upload or host the files.  This means you'll be up and running in just minutes.
Fully put-together and complete sales page so you don’t have to do anything except upload these sales pages to your server, stick your name site and start making money…It can’t get any easier than that!
Hands free automatic Thank You / Members Access page that your customers can simply be forwarded to right after they make their payments.  This makes it a true "hands free" money making operation for you.
1,000 Guaranteed Visitors to your new referral website, to help you get started earning monthly income from referrals. 
Reliable 3rd party tracking  so you can monitor the traffic we send you. 


TV Viewing Reps... Choose Your Assignments

Grab your soda and snacks, relax on the sofa, and let's make some money watching TV

We Invite You To Stop Wasting Time On Concepts That Fail...  Start Making Real Money Today As A TV Viewing Rep ....

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